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        Marine Food
        Marine Material
        Alcohol & Tobacco
        Fire Equipment
        190132 Gloves Plastic Oil/Acid Resist long
        232946 Sawdust App 10Kg
        232950 Sand Fine 25Kg
        330139 Life Jacket W/Whistle F/Child
        330607 Safety Hand Light Explosion&Water
        330610 Battery Charger For Safety Handlamp
        330951 Fire Blanket 1.2X1.8Mtr With Case
        330981 Chemical Protection Suitscomplete
        331101 Safety Belt W/Lifeline & Hook
        331141 Goggles Chipping Plastic Scope Standard
        331143 Faceshield For Chipping Protection
        331159 Safety Helmets White
        332421 Imo No Entry 150X150Mm
        333000 White Vinyl Sign Combination 200X300Mm
        334107 Imo Lifebuoy With Line 150X150Mm
        334177 Imo Emergency Eye Wash 100X300Mm
        370301 Sounding Lead 3.2Kg
        510801 Broom Corn Long Handled
        591602 Diaphragm Pump Air-Operatedwilden M-4
        610616 Wrench Single Open End 24Mm
        615841 Scraper 75X115Mm Bealon
        615961 Shovel Square Non-S Fibregls 290X1040Mm
        615965 Dust Pan Non-Spark Aluminium160X240Mm
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