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        Ship Supply Business Process:
         點擊瀏覽下一頁 Business negotiation:
           After the foreign vessels arrived at Nanjing port, they contact with our company directly or by the agent of ship owner, to make sure the price, quantity and the payment of the cargo.
         點擊瀏覽下一頁 Customs approval

           Fill out the "Goods declaration", after approval by the Customs Supervision Department, send the goods on board.

         點擊瀏覽下一頁 Delivery on board
           After delivered cargo on board, sign and stamp by the master on the "Goods Declaration" and the company "Invoices" and settle the payment.
         點擊瀏覽下一頁 Verification of goods
           Return the “Customs Page” and “Verification Page” of the “Goods declaration” which signed and stamped by the master to the Customs to verify.



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